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All known matter in the physical universe exists within 3 geometric parameters: length, width, and depth.

3DM's "length" is represented by it's consistency. We strive to deliver high quality events, featuring world-class talent, powered by a common love of the music. Our goal is to build a steady timeline of events which focus on an atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment through music and self-expression. We will stop at nothing to continually deliver on this goal as we build a relationship with our supporters and fans.

It's "width" is manifest in our dedication to providing a complete, cutting-edge experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. By denouncing the idea that a headliner is the only thing that matters, we have poised ourselves within a much broader viewpoint: that shows are only worth throwing if they provide an entire atmosphere of enjoyment for the listener.

Finally, 3DM's "depth" is demonstrated by our dedication to the underground. We have an unparalleled love for the scene, and wish to provide an air of free expression and support for those that reside on the leading edge of forward-thinking music.

We are :
Tony [D]eSaro
Billy [D]ickensheets
… and we love the [D]ayton underground.

Take a 3DMentional look with us.

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Tony DeSaro- Co-owner/Production Manager/Sound technician
Billy Dickensheets- Co-owner/Event coordinator/talent buyer